Terms & Conditions

MDC Group is a trading name for Metro Design Consultants Ltd



Unless otherwise stated, the prices quoted shall be valid for thirty (30) days from the date of the estimate.


Prices All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at current applicable rate.


Orders will only be accepted in writing on the Client’s company letterhead, which will be deemed to be an official purchase order or by an official purchase order. In certain circumstances orders may be accepted by Emails.


A deposit of an agreed percentage of net furniture contract value must accompany the purchase order for Metro Design Consultants Ltd to proceed with the contract. Where there is a delay in receiving the deposit, Metro Design Consultants Ltd cannot undertake to meet any Client deadlines. The balance will be payable in accordance with the agreed payment terms, normally stated on Metro Design Consultants Ltd Quote. When any rendered invoices become overdue, Metro Design Consultants Ltd will reserve the right to charge interest at 3% plus base rate.


Metro Design Consultants Ltd cannot accept any changes to any part of an order once furniture layout plans have been signed off and/or the official purchase order has been received.


Where such a letter has been issued, any design work done and/or services provided subsequently will be chargeable should the Client decide not to proceed with the order. The charge for such work will be determined from Metro Design Consultants Ltd rates prevailing at the time the Client directly or indirectly or by their conduct decide not to proceed. Metro Design Consultants Ltd, at its discretion, may not levy full, charges.

Where the Client has issued a Letter of Intent and subsequently decides to award the contract to a third party, Metro Design Consultants Ltd will reserve the right to seek appropriate damages.


The goods ordered are either bespoke or ordered to agreed specification. A cancellation in part or in full after receipt of official purchase order will incur a 100% cancellation charge at the point in time where Metro Design Consultants Ltd has issued this order on to its supplier(s).


Delivery date will be the one quoted by the Manufacturers at time of placing of the order. Once a delivery date has been confirmed any delays caused by the Client will be liable to incur storage charges, which will be at a rate per square foot prevailing at the time of goods brought into storage.

Where the Client requests a postponement of delivery of goods for any reason, there will be a handling and storage charge.

Metro Design Consultants Ltd may waive this at its discretion if the delay is due to additional requirements by the Client on the existing order.

Where the Client decides to cancel the order either in writing or by their conduct and they do not collect or accept the goods within 30 days of such, implied or express, cancellation, Metro Design Consultants Ltd will reserve the right to dispose of the goods and claim from the Client full cost of the goods plus handling and storage charges.


Where there is a delay due to Force Majeure conditions, Metro Design Consultants Ltd will not accept any liability due to this. However, it will do its best in providing alternative solutions as soon and as practicable as possible.


Where there is any discrepancy in the delivery of the goods, the Client shall notify Metro Design Consultants Ltd, in writing, within 5 working days from the date of delivery. Metro Design Consultants Ltd will endeavour to rectify this as soon as possible. However, the Client may retain money equivalent to the value of the goods in question and not the whole amount due at the time.

Where necessary, Metro Design Consultants Ltd will provide temporary furniture until such time when the discrepancy is rectified, at no further costs to the Client.


Installation charge is 8% of net furniture contract value and is based on the assumption that all works are carried out during normal working hours. 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday. There will be a minimum charge of £250 and also the final amount is subject to a site survey.

All out of hours working will incur extra charges, which will be quoted either at the time of placing the order or where the Client anticipates that some or all the works may have to be done outside the normal hours.


The Law applicable to this Contract will be English Law.


These are available on request.


All of our products conform to British Standards Classification or above and they carry a 12 months Warranty. This Warranty will include Metro Design Consultants Ltd workmanship. Should any of the supplied material prove to be faulty, then Metro Design Consultants Ltd undertakes to repair or replace any such product within reasonable time, provided the Company notifies Metro Design Consultants Ltd, in writing, within 5 working days of finding such fault or damage. This Warranty will apply for first 12 months and will not include damages or faults caused by normal wear and tear. The Warranty will be invalidated should the Company or its staff attempt to fix any such fault or damage without first notifying Metro Design Consultants Ltd. If it is subsequently found that the Company or their staffs is responsible for causing the fault or damage, then the Warranty will be invalidated and Metro Design Consultants Ltd will reserve the right to levy appropriate charges to rectify the problem.