JN Bank

Launched in the heart of Brixton, as a trusted, dedicated and innovative 125 year old bank, our client wanted their first UK branch to embody the Jamaica Bank brand identity and pay homage to their heritage and homeland of Jamaica.

Location: Brixton, London
Size: 2,500 sq/ft
Duration: 8 weeks
Sector: Finance

Our Approach

The focus was very much on the user experience, a tree of life and the use of biophilic design was introduced by the MDC team to represent the famous Fern Gully rainforest on the island.

Beyond this we introduced the client to activity-based working, areas for collaboration and above all spaces to provide excellent service and care to their loyal customers.

Our design demonstrates a strong sense of branding and helping the bank to help local people who live in the area to utilize the facilities going forward.

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