Hays Plc

Hays plc is a leading English company providing recruitment and human resources services across 33 countries globally. Having left their head office in Euston, which had been their home for over 10 years, they have relocated just around the corner to Triton Street.

Location: Euston, London
Size: 15’000 Sq Ft
Duration: 6 weeks
Sector: Recruitment

Our Approach

As the leading recruitment specialists, the office design needed to engage people’s senses and inspire them.

We worked closely with the client to understand their people and what they felt they needed to improve in how they worked as individuals but also as a larger team. The new office creates an impact with giant lightbox lettering in the reception and key branding throughout the scheme. The breakout area embodies fun, and a complete contrast to the more formal meeting room facilities designed and built by MDC Group.

The layout of the office has helped encourage a great atmosphere in the space that matches the corporate yet collaborative culture at Hays Plc, with a strong focus on acoustics and interior integrity the company trusted our expert advice on all elements including soft furnishings, cushion backed carpet and even accessories down to potted plants and cutlery!

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