How to stay motivated at work in 2018!


“No more, just one more episode of How To Get Away with Murder or Peaky Blinders on Netflix”

2017 is officially a thing of the past and we have officially stepped in to our first full week of 2018!

All the eating and drinking has been great but now, it’s time to get back to the reality of life and part of that reality is going back to work! Yes, it all happened so quickly: one minute we were drinking, eating, being merry and all of a sudden we’re back at our desks… Well it had to happen at some point didn’t it.

But don’t worry, we know it can still be a little difficult to get into the swing of things so we’ve got some motivation to keep you going and to make sure you kick some serious butt this year!

TIP #1 – Get a good nights sleep!

First, let’s take it back to basics and start off with something very simple but necessary: getting a good nights sleep. Sometimes all you need in order for you to stay positive and motivated in the face of anything that comes your way at work is: an early night!

So no more staying up for “just one more episode of How to Get Away with Murder or Peaky Blinders” on Netflix, and no more “let’s go out for a quick drink tonight”! It’s time to say no and get those 8 hours of sleep!


TIP #2 – Prepare yourself before going in to work

This is something that a lot of people don’t necessarily think about but: preparation is key. If you know that there’s a lot happening at work try to wake up just that little bit earlier in order to relax, mediate and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Just spending an extra 5 or 10 minutes preparing yourself mentally can make all the difference!

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

TIP #3 Set Goals & Write To Do Lists  


Preparation can come in various forms, and another way to be prepared is by setting goals and writing out clear to do lists. You may have a million and one things to do at work but when you set goals you’re giving yourself focus as well as a visual representation of what needs to get done, often making tasks far easier to tackle. And of course the satisfaction you get when you cross things off of your list gives you the boost of satisfaction and motivation you need to get more done!

TIP #4 – Reward yourself

It might sound very silly to reward yourself at work but do it! If you complete a task have a chocolate bar, if you hit your targets celebrate your win & treat yourself to some other confectionery item that gives you great pleasure! All in all, just do it… give yourself a pat on the back for the success of the hard work you’re putting in!


We had to repeat it three times just so we can emphasise the importance of this.

Self-Affirmation: “The recognition and assertion of the existence and value of one’s individual self” – Oxford Dictionary.

In the world of work it’s easy to feel undervalued and demotivated. In between long hours, hitting dead ends and occasionally even the projects you worked so hard on end up falling apart… affirmation is KEY! You have to keep telling yourself that you are great at what you do otherwise you wouldn’t be there in the first place! So even when things go wrong you can: get back up, dust yourself off & continue to conquer!


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