The London Borough of Southwark has been our home for the past 10 years. While we have accumulated a number of memories here, it is officially time for a change. Two years ago, our Founder and CEO of Daniel Taylor made a monumental decision: he decided it was time to move the team into a new office space south of the river.

The Croydon office has been designed and built by ourselves and boasts over 8,000 sq/ft of pure office paradise! While we are very much used to designing and building spaces for clients there is indeed something particularly satisfying about completing a project for yourself. What had started off, as a completely empty shell, has now become a contemporary space that allows flexibility, as well as encouraging both productivity and creativity.

Needless to say however, while the move has been very exciting and the office is coming together wonderfully, a common question that seemed to come up was:

Why Croydon?

And the answer is quite simple: Croydon is a world of opportunities and we want a piece of the pie!

The area is transforming at an extraordinary rate and what this means for businesses like ours is: opportunity. Over £3.5 billion has been invested into the area alone from private developers, while the introduction of a Westfield in Croydon reinforces the level of investment that is going into the area. The opportunities in Croydon are indeed endless, and while we will be leaving our print on Southwark, it is now time to embark on a new journey. It is time for MDC to make its mark on Croydon and we’re very nearly there! Croydon get ready… we’re coming!

We’re all very excited to move into our new home and the moment everything is done we’ll be sharing images and videos all over our social media platforms so make sure you’re following us to stay up to date!



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