Change can often seem scary: it is disruptive, inconsiderate and unpredictable – and yet change has been something that we’ve all had to embrace recently.

In celebration of the exciting move into our new office in Croydon, we felt that it was the perfect time to incorporate a few other changes too, and last year one of these changes was our logo. While we will always be known as Metro Design Consultants we felt it was time to reflect the direction we were moving in as a business.

After nearly 20 years of business we felt it was time for a fresh look that stated: that while we are still the same trustworthy business you know and love, we’re also forward thinking and contemporary! It was a decision that was made considerably quickly yet very confidently in knowing that it was time to show that we were just as much a part of the future as we are the past.

And once one change had been incorporated it was as though the ball just kept rolling as we then decided to work on our website and give that a new look too!

Our website is still under construction but as you wait for that to be unveiled why not have a look at our landing page which has all the latest updates and will be up until our website is completed.

The landing page can be found at the same web address and the link to the current website is available at the top of the page:

#YourVisionOurMission #MDCsBigMove

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