How to maximise the full potential of your employees


According to a 2012 Gallup report, only 30% of the workforce in the U.S. felt engaged in their work, which means that 70% of the workforce felt disengaged. While an astounding 80% of British workers do not feel truly committed to their work.

Why do these numbers matter? Because a disengaged workforce is costing you more money! It is well known that when your employees aren’t reaching their full potential, neither is your business. So we’ve decided to give you a few tips on how to maximise the full potential of your employees and help you boost your business’ performance.


#1 Regular feedback meetings


Feedback is vital to understanding where your business is at present and where it needs to be. Encouraging employees to give their feedback allows you to gain a clearer image of what your employees need in order to be at their best. Try having feedback meetings at least every month if you’re a start-up and at least four times a year if you’d consider yourself as an established business.


#2 Team building days & exercises


Team building days & exercises are an easy way to improve the dynamics within your business. Taking your employees out of the office and giving them a chance to unwind, bond and form better relationships will in turn establish a better working environment.


#3 Evaluate progress & reward where necessary


According to HR Magazine, more than 58% of British employees feel undervalued at work, while 41% of employers surveyed, admitted that staff weren’t even thanked enough in the workplace. Ensuring that you’re engaged with your staff, saying thank you and giving credit where credit is due are simple ways of getting your staff engaged and willing to go the extra mile at work…

And it’s just common courtesy of course.


#4 Nurture and develop in house talent


Knowing what the future of your business looks like is very important and your employees are your potential future leaders. Therefore, ensure that you are taking the time to nurture the talent you already have. You can do this by: helping your employees attain greater skills, encouraging them to take risks and think differently, or even giving employees who particularly stand out, some form of control over certain areas of the business.



Don’t let your employees and your potential future leaders slip through your fingers. And don’t limit the potential of your business by limiting your employees. A great leader is one who nurtures their employees and encourages them to be greater.