“As you get older you’re told to be sensible, but it’s important for writing if you’re a comic that you’re able to still access that childlike thing.” – Tim Vine

While Tim Vine specifically focuses on comic writing, his comment can be applied to any area of life. As we get older we are told to be sensible and to adopt a certain level of maturity and formality, especially in the work place. We often associate being an adult with being serious, paying bills and living a civilised life that fits the mould of society.

It’s as though we have determined: being an adult means destroying the inner child. And how do we do that you might ask? It’s simple, when you become an adult it’s time to throw away all inclination of curiosity and fun, and don’t even think about exploration and adventure… Oh no! It’s time to put your serious cap on, you’re a grown up now.

And yet, just like comics, everyone, no matter what field you’re in, should still be able to access that childlike thing, especially those who work in an office!

Over the years research has found that businesses that don’t encourage play or don’t create an environment that stimulates creativity lose out on millions of pounds each year. Naturally therefore, we have seen an overwhelming shift in work culture. Gone are the days that the office was just: four white walls, with rows of computers slapped in the middle, full of uninspired, demotivated individuals who were just there for their pay check. Now, people look for jobs they actually enjoy and that give them a sense of purpose; while employers are equally invested in the wellbeing of their employees.

And with such a shift, naturally comes a change in office design. It has now become common practise for offices to find ways to incorporate play into the office, which is exactly what every employer should be doing if they want to see the best results from their team! Sometimes child’s play is the difference between a good business and a great business!

So just in case you’re stuck on ideas we have listed 5 ways that you can incorporate play into your office space:

1. It may not be something small children do but it’s certainly still fun: Add things like a: pool table, Ping-Pong table, or even a ball pit if you’re feeling extra funky! Get your employees away from their desk and give them the chance to
2. Organise group games in the office – we recently had an Easter egg hunt in the office with an Easter trivia attached and it was fantastic! Not only did it boost team morale it was incredible to see just how competitive every one got and how much fun everyone had once they all got stuck in!
3. Office pet – Now if you remember, we did a post on … and one of the suggestions was an office pet. And it has to be brought up again… an office pet (but just make sure no-one has any deep phobias or severe allergies)
4. Colouring – when was the last time you picked up some crayons or colouring pencils and just coloured? Research has found that colouring is actually very relaxing and helps to de-stress. Set aside a room
5. Nap room! – Now this one is … but what do kids do? They nap, and napping can be the one thing that everyone needs. Imagine sitting behind a desk for near enough 7 hours a day (minus 1 hour for lunch) … it can be exhausting! Offices are moving in this direction…