6 ways modern technology can boost business success


The rapid speed of which technology is constantly changing and developing in our modern world is extraordinary, and for some people it can be rather frightening. But technology can actually be a huge help to any business, and sometimes at no extra cost! So we decided to put together 6 ways that you can use modern technology in your business to help its development.


1. Heighten securityinternet-1971623_960_720

No one even likes the thought of a potential hacker getting their hands on sensitive business information. But with the right technology it’s now practically impossible! The continuous development of software programmes, systems and apps all created to protect vital information means that hackers are finding it harder and harder to penetrate businesses. Therefore, with the right programme you can be reassured that your business is protected and that sensitive information is only accessible by the intended individuals.



2. Treadmill desks

No you haven’t read it wrong. Treadmill desks are actually a thing and it’s likely to become the new office trend! Not only do you get some exercise in, which we often lack when we’re stuck behind a desk all day, it also allows for greater productivity and creativity! So why sit and do work? That was so 2016! Now walk or even run and do work!



3. 3D Printing

3D Printing is another piece of technology that can really helpy your business. Creating prototypes of your products not only cuts costs but also saves you time, mitigates risks and gives your clients a more precise view of what they’re getting. All of which means that in the long run it could really push your business to greater heights.


4. Get yourself a Geckoboard

No it’s not the name of some new boy band, it’s arguably the most essential piece of new technology that your business should have. Geckobard puts all your business activities and services in one place. Now you don’t have to worry about having a million tabs open on your computer, nor your team going off course or forgetting their targets and focus… With everything is all in one place it makes business even easier!


5. Wireless presentation system in conference/ board roomsmeeting-2037415_960_720

It might initially sound expensive for no reason, but using a wireless presentation system in your boardroom is highly convenient. There is no doubt that everyone hates preparing an important presentation and getting to the boardroom and discovering that a wire is missing and after 30 mins of faffing about, your presentation is either down the drain or rescheduled. Therefore, having a wireless presentation system saves you the time and stress, ensuring that your presentation goes down like a treat!



6. Digital technology: Social media

Indeed, there seems to be a new social media craze every other week and your business needs to take advantage of that! Social media is the easiest to expose your brand, mostly, at no cost to you! If you haven’t done so already get your business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. to keep people engaged and interested both in the formal aspect of your business and the more informal day to day happenings. People today don’t just want to see what the business is about, they want to know who is behind that business, so take a few pictures for Instagram and give us the behind the scenes daily operations of your business via Snapchat. And if you just can’t be bothered to do it yourself or can’t get your head around how to do it: hire a creative millennial to do it all for you!




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