5 secret Santa gift ideas to avoid this Christmas!


Tis the season for giving! It’s rapidly come round to that time of the year again when the awful Christmas jumpers start walking around the office, the mince pies start getting shoved in our faces and of course, the awful secret Santa gifts get the “wow” or the “oh my gosh this is so cute!” reactions, when really we’re thinking whether flushing the undeniably cheap or inappropriate item down the office toilet would be too obvious.

So of course we thought we’d step in and help. Here are just a few things we say are definite no no’s when it comes to secret Santa gifts! Get everyone to stick to these guidelines and we guarantee it’ll be the best Secret Santa your office has ever had!


1. NO underwear!


Need there be anymore said? Any form of underwear even Christmas themed underwear is not only inappropriate, but it’s also really weird. Don’t be that weirdo.

2. NO boring stationery!



Why give your colleague stationery when they can just steal that from someone else’s desk or the stationery cupboard? Come on, be creative!

3. NO socks!


Every year there’s always that one colleague that plays it safe and predictable by getting someone socks! Don’t let that colleague be you.


4. NO home baked cakes/ confectionery!


We understand that this is both considerate and cost effective, but just because you love your mums special cookie recipe, it doesn’t mean your colleague will. And plus, they may have allergies and you might just end up killing your colleague. Is that a risk you really want to take? Yh, didn’t think so.


5. NO old items you no longer want!


Unless it’s something you genuinely believe that person would like, AND is brand new, if not then in very good condition, don’t use secret Santa as a means to just “get rid” of your old stuff. That would just be plain rude!


And there you have it, 5 things NOT get for your secret Santa recipient this year! From all of us here at MDC Group, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and the most happiest New Year!

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